Hall Of Fame? Yep, Clemens Should Still Get In

Major League Baseball must be hating life right now. The Mitchell Report has been released and now the consensus is that arguably the best pitcher (Roger Clemens) and hitter (Barry Bonds) of this generation were juicing. But the question is, do they belong in the Hall Of Fame? Bonds already had HOF credentials before he began his steroid routine in 1998. And Clemens in my opinion (which is the only one that matters) should get in the HOF as well.

The report says Clemens started purchasing steroids from trainer Brian McNamee in 1998. Because of his turn around in 1997 (after four straight lethargic seasons in Boston), I wonder if the Rocket didn’t start using the super serum then. Actually, I don’t wonder at all. I think in 1997 Clemens was bent over like Jenna Jamison with a needle in his ass. But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Let’s take a look at his numbers from 84 to 97…

1984 21 BOS 9 4 5 1 133.3 146 67 64 13 29 126 4.32
5 3
1 98.3
83 38 36 5 37 74
1986 23 BOS 24 4 10 1 254 179 77 70 21 67 238 2.48
9 18
248 100 93 19 83 256
1988 25 BOS 18 12 14 8 264 217 93 86 17 62 291 2.93
11 8
215 101 88 20 93 230
1990 27 BOS 21 6 7 4 228.3 193 59 49 7 54 209 1.93
10 13
219 93 79 15 65 241
1992 29 BOS 18 11 11 5 246.7 203 80 66 11 62 208 2.41
14 2
175 99 95 17 67 160
1994 31 BOS 9 7 3 1 170.7 124 62 54 15 71 168 2.85
5 0
141 70 65 15 60 132
1996 33 BOS 10 13 6 2 242.7 216 106 98 19 106 257 3.63
7 9
204 65 60 9 68 292

From 1984 to 1997 (14 seasons), Clemens went 213-118, had an ERA of 2.97, 2882 strike outs, 1 AL MVP, and 4 Cy Young awards. Yes, Roger Clemens had a needle stuck in his ass, but before he was accused of using, he had Hall Of Fame numbers.

When the time comes it will be interesting to see if Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are granted the HOF pass. If the voters choose to be self-righteous by blocking Bonds, they have to do the same to Clemens. These guys are so much a like its not even funny.

[The Obvious Report]

I never understood interventions. What’s the point of being told you drink too much from a room full of reasons why you drink in the first place?

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The Obvious Report

Call me Captain Obvious

George Mitchell has dropped the bomb!!! His report has been released to the public and I must say, I’m shocked.

So let me get this straight…

Major League Baseball and the Player’s Association share the blame for steroids being so widespread? Wow. Thanks for the heads up. I should type up a “McBain Report” so I can tell the people there’s no Santa Claus. WELL NO F*CKING SH*T!!!!!! Of course MLB and MLBPA are to blame. If you don’t have the brain power to realize these two groups stuck their heads in the sand then please do the world a favor and practice birth control.

Baseball knew what was going on. And they realized there was money to be made if they kept their mouths shut. Bud Selig knew damn well Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were on steroids during their infamous home run chase. Selig knew if he had said anything (because of the 1994 strike), MLB might not have recovered. So he put on a fake smile and counted the money rolling in. And if Selig had grown a pair and tried to implement drug testing, the MLBPA would have fought him tooth and nail.

Right now there are people breathing a sigh of relief. Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Bret Boone, and Brady Anderson to name a few. Maybe they made a deal with the devil. I’m willing to bet my scrotum there are hundreds (if not thousands) of ball players who should be thanking lady luck for not being listed.

I want to know why George Mitchell was leading the investigation in the first place. Mitchell sits on the board of directors for the Boston Red Sox. He has a financial interest in the team. Which means if the Sox do bad, his wallet will follow. By the way, out of the 86 players listed in the report, 22 are former or current New York Yankees. Coincidence?

Roger Clemens is in George’s box – and Roger Clemens is sticking a needle in Andy Petitte’s ass. Oh my. Oh my goodness gracious!!!

I was suspicious of Roger Clemens juicing back in 1997. Following the 1996 season, Red Sox General Manager Dan Duquette proclaimed that Clemens was in the “twilight of his career” following four consecutive seasons (1993-96). The numbers don’t lie. The Rocket was a mediocre 40-39. Clemens was not re-signed so he went to the Toronto Blue Jays. In 97 he had an ERA of 2.05, 292 strike outs and went 21-7. In the 1998 season he had an ERA of 2.65, 271 strike outs, and went 20-6. Nice back to back Cy Young award winning years.

Maybe Roger Clemens was bitter and wanted to prove people wrong. The seasons that followed I got more and more suspicious. But it did not take me till 2004 to realize the obvious. In 2004 the Rocket had 218 strike outs, an ERA of 2.98, and went 18-4. All this at the age of 42. And just so you know, he won his seventh Cy Young award that year. A man that was fading fast for 4 years in a row, became the oldest player to win the prestigious award. The Mitchell Report claims Roger Clemens started using steroids in 1998. If this is true, it would make sense. Why? Well some guy named Jose Canseco was on the Blue Jays that year.

What bothers me is the fact that Barry Bonds is hated for breaking records left and right. But Roger Clemens got a free pass. Was I the only person to notice the size of Clemens’ head growing faster than my genitalia when MILF pornography is on? When the Rocket left Boston his career found the fountain of youth. Nah homie. It found the syringe of youth. [Begin Sarcasm] Gee…I can’t imagine why Roger Clemens was never marked as a roid user by the public and the media. [End Sarcasm] Both players have more in common then most people think. Both of their heads grew. Both of them put on a great deal of weight. And both players became more dominant after the age of 35.

Most of my friends thought I was nuts when I accused the Rocket of being on the sauce. Now that this report has come out, people should go after Roger Clemens with the same zeal they had when going after Barry Bonds.

So much hypocrisy. Rafael Palmeiro’s career gets destroyed because of a positive drug test. But Shawne Merriman is awarded a Nike commercial after his. God bless America.

I never understood interventions. What’s the point of being told you drink too much from a room full of reasons why you drink in the first place?

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No Sympathy For Ron Mexico Michael Vick

Roddy White made me laugh on MNF, but it doesn’t change how I feel about Michael Vick.

Michael Vick. Where do I begin?

Obviously illegal gambling is wrong. Fighting and killing dogs is disgusting to say the least. But going to the clink for 23 months is far too extreme for someone with no prior convictions.

We live in a world where people like Leonard Little can kill a woman while driving drunk, and only do a few months in jail. Our government would rather go after Barry Bonds than trying to solve this country’s real problems. Life sometimes doesn’t make sense.

But there are reasons why I have no sympathy for Michael Vick. I believe in redemption to a certain degree if the person seeks it. I find it disturbing Vick did everything in his power to make U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson sentence him to 23 months in jail instead of 12-18.

U.S. Attorneys claim Vick practiced deception on several occasions. When he chose to plead guilty, he still decided to lie by claiming he never killed dogs after he gave his word that he would fully cooperate. Mr. Vick claimed that he took a dog to his co-conspirator Quanis Phillips, who then killed the canine. Phillips on the other hand stated that he put a nose around the dog’s neck and then Vick let the canine drop. Cold blooded.

A FBI agent then gave Mr. Vick a polygraph test. A test that proved Vick was lying. He finally admitted to hanging one dog and drowning another. He did this when he had his back against the wall and had no choice but to tell the truth. Before the test, the feds believed Michael Vick was being deceitful. How sick and twisted do you have to be to make them believe your partners in crime over you? Keep in mind Vick’s co-defendants have long criminal records. Mr. Vick also had the great idea to smoke marijuana just 17 days after he told the judge he would stay away from drugs. The former Falcon’s quarterback even had the nerve to lie about smoking the wacky tobacky after he failed his drug test.

This lack of mental power was more than enough of a reason for Judge Hudson to give Vick such a stiff penalty. If Mike Vick had came clean when he pleaded guilty and stayed clear of drugs, he probably would be doing 12 months. Which means he would most likely get out in 10. I’ll go out on a limb and say there was even a chance of Vick doing less than that because he had no prior convictions. I can’t understand how someone like Michael Vick in this day and age lacks the common sense to work the legal system for forgiveness. It was like he wanted to see how much more damage he could do to himself before facing judgment.

At his sentencing Vick stated he used poor judgment and then apologized. At that point it was far too late. This pathetic display was surely watched by Roger Goodell. It’s bad enough Vick lied to the NFL Commissioner about his involvement in the dog fighting ring. But to keep on lying and being self-destructive till the very end isn’t going to help his chances of getting back in the NFL anytime soon.

That is why I don’t feel sorry for this man. The NFL is probably going to suspend Michael Vick a year (maybe more) as soon as he becomes a free man. Hey Mikey, that saying, “The truth shall set you free” isn’t just some clich├ęd bible quote. It’s something that would have helped you.

Society should not feel sympathy for Mike Vick. All he had to do was come completely clean when he pleaded guilty and stay away from weed. When so much is at stake, how can you have the nerve to thumb your nose at the law? I’ll start showing sympathy when Michael Vick finally wants to redeem himself.

You failed at your first chance for redemption Mr. Vick. Your next opportunity is most likely coming in about 18 months. And the odds are against you.

I never understood interventions. What’s the point of being told you drink too much from a room full of reasons why you drink in the first place?

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