Dear God no…

A bad omen for the Big Game this Sunday?

EA Sports recently held a simulation Super Bowl game using Madden 2008. The New England Patriots Satan’s Team defeated the New York Giants 38 to 30 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. God help us. God help us all!

Here is the breakdown of the Patriots unholy victory…

1st 2nd 3rd 4th OT Final
Giants 7 6 10 7 30
Patriots 7 10 14 7 38
1st Quarter
NE TD – L. Maroney 12Yd Run, 9:56
NYG TD – S. Smith 32 Yd pass from E. Manning, 4:57
2nd Quarter
NE FG – S. Gostkowski, 31 Yd FG, 14:28
NYG FG – L. Tynes, 34 Yd FG, 12:45
NE TD – W. Welker 3 Yd Pass from T.Brady, 6:37
NYG FG – L. Tynes, 42 Yd FG, 1:30
3rd Quarter
NYG FG – L. Tynes, 30 Yd FG, 12:30
NE TD – L. Maroney, 2 Yd Run, 9:41
NYG TD – A. Bradshaw 8Yd Run, 4:26
NE TD – R. Moss 31 Yd Pass from T.Brady, 0:52
4th Quarter
NE TD – D. Stallworth 15 Yd Pass from T.Brady, 13:51
NYG TD – B. Jacobs 9 Yd Run, 9:25

[A Perfect Ending for Patriots]

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Tv Miller

Here’s my thought. Fuck ESPN and their gay validation of the Super Bowl with Madden 08. Giants by 3.