Andrew McCutchen is now my favorite baseball player

I’m not a Pittsburgh Pirates fan by any means, but I might have to start watching their games. Why? Andrew McCutchen, that’s why!

During Friday night’s game versus the Cincinnati Reds, McCutchen absorbed an Aroldis Chapman 101 M.P.H. fastball. He didn’t cry. He didn’t charge the mound. He simply took off his shin guard and walked to first base like a boss while giving Chapman the death stare. I was expecting the trainer to at least pour some Robitussin on McCutchen’s arm. What a beast! Can we give the MVP award to this man now?

If Marvel is looking for someone to play Bishop, I think they should give McCutchen a call. But only if I get shot down for the role.

Posted: August 5, 2012 at 7:38 am | by Ryan
Filed under: Sports


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