Avengers: Infinity War Teaser

Looks like Marvel/Disney is ready to make A LOT more money. They will definitely get mine.


Courtesy of io9


In Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers are going to meet the Guardians of the Galaxy. We all more or less knew that, but to hear Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige come out and say it in this brand new teaser video will make the hairs on your arm stand up straight.

Tonight, from the Atlanta set of Avengers: Infinity War, Robert Downey Jr. took to Facebook to reveal a very early look at May 2018’s highly anticipated Marvel crossover. In it, he, Tom Holland, and Chris Pratt talk briefly about the film, while the writers and directors also tease the grand culmination of what will be 10 years of Marvel movies. Watch this video and be amazed.


I am amazed BUT, I hope that some how this movie brings the TV characters into this movie. I’ll even settle for a mention. Seeing the Defenders in this would be orgasmic. Maybe in this movie the Avengers finally find on that Phil Coulson is alive. Only time will tell.

I never understood interventions. What’s the point of being told you drink too much from a room full of reasons why you drink in the first place?

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