The 2008 NFL Draft…is it April yet?

Darren McFadden…come to the Dark Side.

[Update: The NFL has come out and ended the confusion that has plagued most (if not all) of the sports outlets. The Raiders will either have the 3rd or 4th pick in the draft.]

Yes, I know the NFL Draft isn’t till April 26th but I’m a Raider fan. Which means the draft is the next NFL event I have to look forward to. The Raiders (a.k.a. Planet Earth’s Team) will either have the 3rd, 4th, or 5th pick. If I had to guess who the Oakland Raiders might draft, I would go with Darren McFadden. Why? Because the other needs the Raiders have can be taken care of after round one. Not to mention the fact that more times than not, McFadden is a player most teams can’t pass up on.

Lucky for me, the teams that are picking before the Raiders don’t seem to have a reason to draft McFadden. Miami (they should be 0-16) already has a great running back in Ronnie Brown. St. Louis is in the same predicament with Steven Jackson. If the Chiefs pick before the Raiders, that’s fine with me because they already have Larry Johnson. But, the Falcons would probably select McFadden if they are ahead of the Silver and Black. Obviously this is just speculation and wishful thinking.

Is it April yet? I’m salivating just thinking about this.

Round 1

Teams are listed with their current won-loss record. Draft order of positions 20-32 are pending NFL playoff results.

1. Miami (1-15)
2. St. Louis (3-13)
3-5. Oakland/Atlanta/Kansas City (4-12)**
6. New York Jets (4-12)
7. New England [from San Francisco (5-11)]
8. Baltimore (5-11)
9. Cincinnati (7-9)
10. New Orleans (7-9)
11. Buffalo (7-9)*
12. Denver (7-9)*
13. Carolina (7-9)
14. Detroit (7-9)*
15. Chicago (7-9)*
16. Arizona (8-8)
17. Minnesota (8-8)
18. Houston (8-8)
19. Philadelphia (8-8)
20. Tampa Bay (9-7)
21. Washington (9-7)
22. Seattle (10-6)
23. Dallas [from Cleveland (10-6)]
24. Pittsburgh (10-6)
25. Tennessee (10-6)
26. New York Giants (10-6)
27. San Diego (11-5)
28. Jacksonville (11-5)
29. Green Bay (13-3)
30. Dallas (13-3)
31. San Francisco [from Indianapolis (13-3)]
32. New England (pick forfeited) (16-0)

*If teams have the same record, the strength of schedule tie-breaker is used which is the combined winning percentage of all teams on each team’s schedule for the current season. If teams are still tied after strength of schedule has been applied, the division or conference tie breakers are used.

**The Raiders are tied with Atlanta and Kansas City. All three teams, plus, the New York Jets, finished at 4-12. The Falcons, Raiders and Chiefs finished with identical strengths of schedule. A coin flip will be used to break the three-way tie. The date of the tie breaking coin flip has yet to be announced. The Jets had a tougher strength of schedule than the three other teams and will pick sixth (ha ha ha).

First Round Trades

Browns to Cowboys.The Cleveland Browns traded their first-round selection in the 2008 Draft to the Dallas Cowboys, as well as the 36th overall selection in the 2007 Draft (later traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, used to select Kevin Kolb) in exchange for the 22nd overall selection in the 2007 Draft (used to select Brady Quinn).

49ers to Patriots.The San Francisco 49ers traded their first-round selection in the 2008 Draft to the New England Patriots, as well as the 110th overall selection in the 2007 Draft (traded to the Oakland Raiders for Randy Moss, used to select John Bowie) in exchange for the 28th overall selection in the 2007 Draft (used to select Joe Staley).

Colts to 49ers.The Indianapolis Colts traded their first-round selection in the 2008 Draft to San Francisco, as well as the 126th overall selection in the 2007 Draft (used to select Dashon Goldson) in exchange for the 42nd overall selection in the 2007 Draft (used to select Tony Ugoh).



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