(VIDEO) Eminem Comes Out As Gay In ‘The Interview’


There have been few public figures accused of being more homophobic than Eminem; and now he’s coming out as gay…in “The Interview”.

Here’s the setup, via ABC News:

“Skylark asks the rapper how he is able to use such violent language in his raps, and, [New York reporter Abraham] Riesman said that the singer responds stone-faced, saying something along the lines of: “When I rap about women, that’s because of problems I had with my mother. When I rap about gay people, that’s because I’m gay.”

Seth Rogen plays Skylark’s producer, who tells Skylark to go back to the stunning revelation that was just made on live television, which Riesman said leads Eminem to say that he is surprised that it took people so long to figure out.

“He does it so straight, no pun intended,” Riesman said of Eminem’s delivery. “He has such incredible comic timing. I never would have expected.”

Here’s the scene…

Posted: December 27, 2014 at 12:56 pm | by Ryan
Filed under: Humor?, Music, News, Pop Culture


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