What was Darren McFadden’s 40?

During the NFL Combine, Darren McFadden made sure he was going to get a nice contract in the NFL. The only problem is people have him running either a 4.27 or a 4.33.

Sports Wrap: 4.27
NFL Network: 4.33
Dallas Morning News: 4.27
USA Today: 4.33
Fanhouse: 4.27
Hashmarks: 4.33

It doesn’t really what the exact time was because I predict McFadden to be just as good as Adrian Peterson…at the very least!

Let’s hope McFadden has a solid NFL career. Why? Well according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“That’s where news got out that Arkansas running back Darren McFadden is not only battling a paternity suit, but that he told a team during an interview Saturday night that he has two children on the way.”

Good job McFadden!! Tom Brady and Matt Leinart got nothing on you!!

I never understood interventions. What’s the point of being told you drink too much from a room full of reasons why you drink in the first place?

Posted: February 25, 2008 at 10:32 am | by Ryan
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