Will the NFL ever become weed friendly?

The NFL has come out and said weed is still illegal under Federal Law, ergo players will be suspended if they are caught. But if the Feds don’t step in and block Colorado and Washington from letting everyone smoke the wacky tobacky, will the NFL’s stance change? If you think about it, they are going to have to change the rule.

Then each state will probably consider making the hippie lettuce legal. If they don’t, some (most?) players will be begging to be traded just so they can get their toke on. Or players who can’t get traded, are going to love playing the Broncos and the Seahawks. “Yeah son, we got Denver next week. Mmmm, Mile High!”

Poor Todd Marinovich and Ricky Williams. They played in the wrong era.

Posted: November 9, 2012 at 10:15 pm | by Ryan
Filed under: News, Pop Culture, Sports


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