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  • What the bottle wrote

    yM efil siht dlrow ym ydob ym esruc.
    Damn my drunk ass is writing in reverse.
    I meant to say,
    My life this world my body my curse.
    Its rather sad when you think things can only get better, and then they get worse.
    They say liquid courage is poison, but it just opens my eyes to the real game.
    My poetry may say the same thing, but its not my fault the story stays the same.
    This point in time I made up my mind, I don't want to get married and I want no kids of my own.
    Rather be by myself, then stabbed in the back, to me that's worse than dying alone.
    Kids would be nice, but bringing them in this world would be cruel, that is what I see.
    Not because the world is twisted, but because I can't see myself being the one they need.
    I might be paranoid but there's some truth in my views.
    I know I'm crazy, but it feels like I'm better off working on less screws.
    Some days I hate the world, some days I hate myself.
    Other days I hate females, or God who gives me no help.
    I'm getting bitter in the paths that I walk in this physical form.
    But perhaps everything happens for a reason, the answer for this lost storm.
    I guess I should end this poem with something that will make you sit back and contemplate.
    So I'll just say some don't know who they are, some are given the right path like a train track.
    Some don't know what's at stake, there's even some who don't know that they're time wont last.
    Others have guided luck, and the rest are waiting for their cake
    Some point in time I was all of them but one.
    Think about that at my wake.

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    sounds like you should read my poem start where I am... its not in length but the general concept is there.... you know learning that nothing else is ever going to make you happy only yourself.... easier said than done I know... but also...... just a general observation and kind of a question.... to me you appear rather successful... I guess I really don't know that but that is the image I get... so I wonder why you are still unhappy....
    but yeah about the poem I like the way you started it... made me laugh....
    "Its rather sad when you think things can only get better, and then they get worse" Weird that you wrote this I was just thinking about that whole saying the other day..
    real shit though, nice post....


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      good stuff

      You really have some good stuff
      it really touches a girl soul this one is something that relates to me


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