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A shot of sin

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  • A shot of sin

    Took my fourth shot of sin while sitting at the bar
    As I feel it start to hit, I reminisce on past scars
    The one that cut the deepest is the one I focus on
    I ask for another shot, as the hatred becomes strong
    The liquor turned me to anger
    Or did it turn me into myself?
    There is no right answer
    Only the question, "Who can help"?
    My negative gives me strength because I'm use to the taste
    No turning back now, that would simply be a waste
    The bigger the tragedy the more I feed
    The smaller the positive the less I believe
    There is no crossroad, just a straight path
    Bathing in sin, while I sharpen my dark craft
    If he who is without sin cast the first stone
    Then I shall be the last one laughing by the boulder, all alone

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