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Let's build something off of this mini-verse/chorus line

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  • Let's build something off of this mini-verse/chorus line

    Darkness surrounds the very gates of fate
    Like my boy Bruce Wayne, my destiny awaits
    Not knowing who I am, but knowing who I'll be
    I only have one downfall, and that's me

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    i run wild like a kid, bucket naked
    if i see something i like, fuck it i'll take it
    my esteem couldnt break
    its to high, and only downfall is my fate
    im out and about/ round up my clout so i can hit up, downtown/
    hit the streets/ lookin for the cheapest shit so i can skeet
    cook up my product and make it double up
    so when i hit the block brothaz is like what the fuck
    hitta yellow tint, one sniff'll make you wig out
    have you hitten the corner tryna sell your kids house
    im a birdman slash dope supplyer
    lookin for customers of any kinds, always loved them big buyers
    see im gettin loot and i dont care how i do it
    keep your mouf shut and them feds can never prove it
    is just doin my god given talent, and pusring my knowledge
    gettin rid of that snow and green n purple chronic


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      Darkness surounding, covering all
      Blankets of Blackness, within the walls
      walls of our minds, shaded from the world
      ideas flying inside like a rock thats been hurled
      swirls of black and swirls of grey
      poetic lines come to mind, day by day
      tuff times make u say, i cant stand this
      just settle down with some marijuana, a.k.a cannabis


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