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Harm, Lykin my idea

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  • Harm, Lykin my idea

    we, come thru with a whole lotta them D-R-U-Geez
    like a reunion of the miller boys we T-R-U g's
    lykin and harm,yo harmon and lyk
    got our enemies in target, we arent even in site
    dont start bitchin cause Lykin'll smash ya air head
    leave you breathin out the top of a box, just like u was an air-vent
    you aint no soldier you a expert bleeder getchu hit with a heater,
    got automatic shells after the first come out the rest just follow the leader
    we can play duck duck goose, but i prefer a little russian roulette
    get in the way of my scoupe and you gonna loose a leg
    wit my stone cold flow, i get so stoned off dro
    when i click my triggers i dont know where it goes
    you talk shit, and you can act hard
    i got a knife thats right that'll leave ya back scar-ed

    my gun dont, jam?
    my gun goes, POP!
    lykin and me written and we aint gone, stop!
    you can hate on me, homie
    you can even tell Lyk
    double dees at your back hes gonna flash-light


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