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    Once you have decided that you really want to stop smoking it can be a real challenge
    Smoking has been linked directly to sexual dysfunction in men, and it's believed to have a similar effect in women. One noted urologist, speaking on the news program 60 Minutes, said when he sees a man smoking, he wonders when -- not if -- he will experience erectile dysfunction.
    A smokerís risk of heart attack is more than twice that of nonsmokers. Cigarette smoking is the biggest risk factor for sudden cardiac death -- smokers are looking at two to four times the risk of nonsmokers. Studies have shown that cigarette smoking is also an important risk factor for stroke. The evidence also indicates that chronic exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (secondhand smoke, passive smoking) may increase the risk of heart disease.
    Quitting is Hard but pls donít give UP!
    Although itís quite expensive compare to other products, but the 100% assurance of quitting smoking for just a week is in here!
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    Quit smoking Now! For better Life,,!!!
    if you can try you can imagine your life bring back the same on the days that you did not smoke that as healthy as you are.. Think about your health, your future! Try and see the difference of NosmoQ!
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    That medicine sounds similar to Chantix which is also an anti-depressant that helps you quit smoking. There are many great ways to quit smoking and while some work for one person they may not work for the next person. The hard part is finding the right treatment that works for you. I quit cold turkey about five years ago but I had quit cold turkey about four times before the last time too and didn't succeed. I think I'm out of the window for relapsing and starting to smoke again.


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