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    hey jon is there any update on the archive project i hope we can get some new ones from ones we have already just keep me posted



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      Archive uploads

      I second Dactyn63. I remember the old Eyada stuff and am eagerly awaiting anything you are kind enough to upload...


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        So glad I found this site. I have so many shows (mostly from e-Yada, some from the AudioNet days) and saw some of these shows listed on gmail. I need to find a way to play them (the newer versions of Real do not open them).

        If anyone needs shows from e-Yada, let me know, perhaps I can arrange something to get them posted as well.


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          The Full archive parts 1-2-3 are coming in a few days on Bit Torrent along with a brand new Freakout Freakshow for 2008.
          Better finish all your Bit Torrent downloads right now and clean your Hard disk to have some space, you guys will have 9 gigs of D&S to DL!
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            waiting with baited breath

            John, let me be among the first to say THANK YOU. A great many people today
            may not realize how twisted these guys were. You're a peach!
            (have you chosen a tracker yet? I'll keep my eyes peeled)


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              Originally posted by John Godgoth View Post
              The Full archive parts 1-2-3 are coming in a few days on Bit Torrent along with a brand new Freakout Freakshow for 2008.
              Better finish all your Bit Torrent downloads right now and clean your Hard disk to have some space, you guys will have 9 gigs of D&S to DL!

              hey GodGoth. Any update as to when the torrents will be available?


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                I need my Dan and Scott.


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                  waiting with baited breath

                  John, when will you be uploading the D&S content? I'm sitting on my hands and salivating and howling at my monitor... (how's that for a picture?)


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                    The D&S Vault 2.0 is here, featuring a brand new 8 hour long Freakout Freakshow060608 parts 1 & 2!
                    Enjoy and gimme some feedback on the torrent and my new show.
                    Use the uTorrent bittorrent client. And keep seeding once your done downloading plz, your not alone.
                    Download the torrent file here:
                    For some reason this site doesnt allow the pirate bay links....just do it manualy or

                    http://www.mininova.org/tor/1486764 same thing


                    Freak 4 Life!

                    Godgoth aka John The Producer
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                      happy happy joy joy

                      Thanks a bunch, John. You'll have feedback as soon as I've completed enough for a listen. (and the 'amp' in a torrent usually represents an ampersand...the '&' thing). Many thanks to Ryan as well.


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                        Heres the list of changes i made to this torrent compared to the archives that used to be hosted on freakarmy.org the same that were on this site:

                        1. I deleted all the doubles with mislabeled dates.
                        2. Replaced the shows that arent working right with flawless shows using files of the same type as much as possible.
                        3. Renamed alot of them to a standardised name so they show in chronological order in every folder.
                        4. Re-recorded shows that had blanks in them using the source file : like bad mp3's re-recorded and replaced using the original RM file.
                        5. Changed all the asf files into Wma's for portable music players that play Wma's.
                        6. Added shows i found that werent on freakarmy.org at the time:all the 1995 clips, two or three talkspot shows, and one 2001 show.
                        7. Added Cobaltqube's full month of June 2000 shows + a 1998 show.
                        8. Added Real Player 5 cuz its the only one that will allow all Talkspot shows to work, with other versions some wont work others blank at certain times, on current versions of RP alot more wont work at all.
                        9. Made a folder with corrupted shows that either dont work at all or very poorly.
                        10. Added various files like a Chauncey documentary that shows the Eyada studios, the Freakout shows and other stuff.
                        11. Deleted all the files of the same type that were in multiple using different names.
                        I think thats all...lol


                        Im uploading full speed 80 kb, but at 4:30 pm EST my ISP puts all my torrents down to 60 kb UL/DL and then from 6 pm to 1:30 am im stuck at 30 kb ,the rest of the time im at 80 kb.
                        I usualy use that time to play an hour or 2 when im at 30 kb, its not a problem tho cuz others are there sharing on the torrent, so you can still download.
                        Most people are over 40% and right now two people are over 70 %

                        The 1st guy that got to 100% was 2 days ago but he left in less than 4 hours after reaching 100%...
                        Hopefully the others arent going to vanish as quick or better yet ,at all...that would surely help me and everyone else.
                        If the next two seeders vanish ill be forced to lock people at 95%, let them share between themselves a while and then at the end of the week ill seed everyone at the same time so everyone is on the same level.
                        If you want to thank me, thank me by sharing especialy once you reach 100% even if you set your upload at 10 KB it helps everyone.

                        Thanks you!
                        Last edited by John Godgoth; 06-13-2008, 8:54 PM.


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                          How to share after burning the 3 discs or moving the Vault around

                          For those who burned the Vault on 3 discs and are wondering how to share the entire Vault again as a single torrent

                          Re-create the main folder named ' The Dan & Scott Show Vault 2.0 ' .

                          Then dump ' Disc-1 ,Disc-2, Disc-3 Clips ' in it.
                          If you renamed the 3 discs when your burned them make sure that the 3 subfolders in the Vault are writen like this
                          ' Disc-1 , Disc-2, Disc-3 Clips '.

                          Put the Vault in the sharing folder of your bittorrent ,use the torrent file
                          'The Dan & Scott Show Vault 2.0.torrent' to start it ,hash check it and voila!
                          For those who moved the Vault out of the Download folder of bit torrent

                          Put the full 'The Dan & Scott Show Vault 2.0' folder in the download folder of your Bit torrent.

                          Or if you prefer keeping your Vault where it stands right now and to share from that location:
                          (i dont recommend it tho) You can change the destination of the Bit torrent download folder in the options to the folder just before the Vault.
                          Lets say your Vault is in C:/My Music/The Dan & Scott show Vault 2.0, you need to set your bit torrent download folder to 'My Music' and not the Vault itself.

                          Then use the torrent file 'The Dan & Scott Show Vault 2.0.torrent' to start it.

                          Do a >Hash check< 1st in your options it will verify that your torrent is the integral original, once you reach 100% on your hash check your set to seed on the same tracker as the original.

                          If you moved the files or folders around it probably wont work or will partialy share, but other than that there shouldnt be any problems.


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                            Some Freaks need your help, 4 of them currently, im the only seeder for the Vault and my ISP only allows 30 kbs on Bittorrent from 6 pm to 1 am.
                            2 out of 4 leechers are under 10 % right now.

                            Check the ratio on mininova once in a while to see if we need some seeds This is Your Vault & Your Duty, i can only do so much.

                            112 GB Uploaded so far ,24/7 for the last 69 days lol, 669 Downloads lol just on mininova without counting Piratebay downloads.

                            Thanks to those who shared and those that will share.


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                              The Dan Scott Show Archives

                              Q: Mommy, how old do I have to be before I can cut my legs off like Uncle Dan did? I wanna be just like him

                              A: I made the cooking game 14 levels


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                                I don't suppose anyone can seed the torrent?


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