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'PS4 Blew Me Away' Says AMD Chief Graphics Architect

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  • 'PS4 Blew Me Away' Says AMD Chief Graphics Architect

    Sony has earned a lot of fans with its PS4 reveal, and it seems like AMD is one of them.

    AMD is basically running next-gen. It already has parts in Nintendo's Wii U, most of Sony's PS4 is built with AMD parts and it's strongly suggested that the Xbox 720 will opt for AMD too.

    But that doesn't stop AMD's chief graphics product architect John Gustafson from getting excited about the PS4.

    "The PlayStation 4 blew me away," said Gustafson in an interview with o.canada at GDC, adding that he was "conscious about being too positive about it because of course we have other partners that are competing."

    Gustafson praised the hardware design on the PS4, saying "It looks like they did an extremely good job of the engineering

    "The CPU and the GPU are on the same chip, which solves a lot of the problems (you donít have to toss things over to a graphics card and try to get them back and forth)."

    According to the website, Gustafson believes that Sony will sell the PS4 for - a figure that was recently suggested as the retail price of Microsoft's Xbox 720.

    Gustafson was extremely complimentary of the power of the PS4 too, suggesting that "it just blows away every serious computer on the planet with a console.

    "And I think, now I donít know, that Sony realizes what theyíve created, and we donít. They realize that it could be used for a lot of things besides console gaming."

    Alluding to the PC-centric design of the PS4, Gustafson added "And it would only take a few modifications and youíd have an amazing computer platform for all kinds of things."

    Sony has always heavily restricted any kind of modding of its consoles, but will it be able to restrict it quite so much if the PS4 is as similar to a PC as has been suggested?

    Source: nowgamer.com

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