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  • The Schulz

    Was doing the yearly D&S search.

    Found this on Amy's log:-


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    I never knew they had it that bad.


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      Oh, man! Pretty devastating all round, especially with economy in the shitter like it is. I can only hope everything works out, hard to believe 10+ years on "the impossible couple" is still going stronger than ever, there's hope for us all.

      But... yeah, with Dan's failing health, it makes me REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY pine for some sort of D&S reunion of any kind. Perhaps just a podcast or live recording of the two just shootin' the shit or reminiscing on old times for an hour or so, though I've read they allegedly parted on bad terms, which just bums me out completely.

      Always felt like the show never had proper closure, I'd be fuckin' crushed if the remaining phreaks never got to hear them together again.

      Stay well Danny, I'm pullin' for ya.


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        Hopefully Dan is ok now,

        I guess that stomach staple didn't solve all his problems.

        I would love a Dan and Scott Reunion, but I wonder if they know we are still out here.
        They would light up the ratings if they ever went to satellite radio.


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          Hope Dan's okay.

          Dan - Amy -- you have my regards.



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            Been so long....

            I stumbled upon this board today after getting a really nostalgic hankering for The Dan and Scott Show. While I can't remember what my nick was at that point, I was a nightly listener, contributor, and chat room denizen. It is sad to hear about Dan. Hang in there guys!


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              Originally posted by Pepper View Post
              But... yeah, with Dan's failing health, it makes me REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY pine for some sort of D&S reunion of any kind.
              I totally agree. After all, Zsa Zsa is 91!!! How much longer can she have? And hasn't she earned and in-depth interview with Lance Manload in her remaining years? (days?)

              Regardless. Dan, if you read this message board (and I know you don't), get well buddy.


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                Hell, Meinhardt GODDAMN Raabe is still alive and blowing out phone receivers nationwide. Surely Minster Danny "Big Balls" Bonarmen Ph.D (However the fuck you actually spell it) can cheat the reaper before that goddamn living fossil.


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                  Things don't sound so good for Dan & Amy:
                  "We're now living in Dan's sister's mobile home."


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                    Well, they could be doing a whole lot worse, down economy and all. Doesn't sound ideal, but it's a roof over their heads. Shame that Amy's packing in the acting, though, I guess you gotta know when to fold'em.

                    Can only wonder where their lives could have led them if they had of stayed on and the show was picked up by XM or Sirius well before Stern and the like, or.. that HBO show. (Though, if I recall their radio network went belly up faster than Eyada)


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                      Nice to see Jack is still alive


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                        Just how old is the lil' guy?

                        Gotta be 12 or 13, don't recall hearing about him back in the Seattle days. Think they got him for a shelter in NY or something.


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                          Amy's birthday is Saturday.

                          Happy Birthday Amy.


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