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Kanye West Says The Paparazzi Set Him Up

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  • Kanye West Says The Paparazzi Set Him Up

    Kanye West says he was set up by the paparazzi member who filed a lawsuit against him after a July 19 altercation at Los Angeles International Airport.

    Kanye West says he was set up by the paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport, as per a new video of the rapper posted on TMZ.com.

    "What I didn't get to say on Jimmy Kimmel, that's the day I found out that my grandfather was not gonna make it." Kanye says in the clip, referencing his appearance Wednesday (October 9) on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" "He passed two weeks later. But when I’m comin’ out the airport, because it’s Kanye, whatever, 'We’re gonna [mess] with him. We’re going to antagonize him.' I tried to stop his camera and stuff. He fell down, faked it. Then people were talkin’ about, ‘Oh. Yo, why’d you hit that guy?’ Obviously [I] didn’t hit the guy.”

    Kanye West is likely referring to a July 19 altercation at Los Angeles airport that was caught on tape. The rapper-producer was shown trying to take a camera from a photographer who spoke to West as the rapper exited the airport.

    Kanye West was charged with battery and attempted grand theft after the incident.

    More recently, West has had both positive and negative interactions with the paparazzi. A few days after a video was posted of West cursing out paparazzi in his driveway last month, he said that he respects the French paparazzi.

    West says in the new TMZ clip that he and the paparazzi should work in unison.

    “We’re in this together,” Kanye West says. “You guys help me influence. You help with the family. You help [my wife] Kim [Kardashian]’s power and everything, so I’m not trying to…be at you guys [in] any type of negative way. I don’t want you guys to be negative to me. I would prefer that we just have a decent relationship.”

    Source: hiphopdx.com

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