Sony just posted this video on the PlayStation blog. Looks like a teaser for the next PlayStation (code-named Orbis), don't you think? It ends with a date: February 20, 2013. Will Sony announce their next console then?

We've heard bits and pieces about the next PlayStation for quite some time now, and rumors have been swirling that both Sony and Microsoft's next-generation consoles will be announced this year, likely before E3. Although Sony has kept quiet about plans for their successor to the PlayStation 3, released in 2006, the Japanese game-maker is expected to release a new console either later this year or in early 2014.

This event will take place in New York City on February 20 at 6pm Eastern. That's only five days before the company's annual Destination PlayStation event kicks off in Arizona, where retailers are shown the biggest and best games on Sony's plate for the year ahead.

Source: Kotaku