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What inspires you?

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  • What inspires you?

    So what inspires you to write poetry? What kind of music do you listen to?

    I ususly listen to some depressing music.

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    I, like us all, am inspired mostly by what happens to me... or what I would like to happen to me.... or what I dream about...... I also try to write about some deeper shit.... religion... and our oneness in the universe.... which is inspired mostly by reading......
    but as far as musical inspiration... the biggest is Ani Difranco..... others include Dylan, the Doors, Hendrix, The Dead, Bob Marley.... past the hippie shit....... I like Tool, RadioHead, Velvet Underground, Sonic Pixies and Modest Mouse....... and really I don't like a lot of rap but listen to a few.. mainly Blackalicious... or Gift of Gab, Lyrics Born, Illogic......


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      normally current events inspire me to write stuff out. It doesn't have to be on the news or anything, it could just be something that's been eating away at me. To be honest I listen to Linkin Park a lot so the fact that they talk about "deep" stuff always gets me going.



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        Anything that is unique by nature or by choice. when some one makes a decision to be different from the crowd, that impresses and inspirers me to continue.
        In the world of rhymes. I really ain't gotta name names. same ol' cats, Pac, nas, Em, Mobb Deep.
        But really It's music it self that gets me. SOme times I'll hear a song or beat and it'll just speak to me. Like I can hear the words that should be there on top of the track.
        oOther than that, really it's just life that tells em what to write about, of it fell something needs to be said.


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          It was taught to me a long time ago that one should be true to themself, and from this I write what I have knowledge concerning, whether it be 1) my love life, i.e. Jessica, my fiancee; 2) the children of Isra'el; 3) the streets of L.A., or the streets of Dallas/Fort; 3) the Torah; 4) life in the country, or etc.

          As to music, here are my favourites in various generes:


          Houston Marchman
          Robert Earl Keen
          Ray Wylie Hubbard

          Hip Hop:

          The Game
          Lloyd Banks


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