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Lil Wyte - Phinally Phamous review

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  • Lil Wyte - Phinally Phamous review

    Aight....Im sure yall could give a damn about my opinion but I'm a give it reguardless...

    This Lil Wyte cd is pretty good over-rall I think his first cd might have been a little bit better but check it this is how I see it.

    1.Phinally Phamous - This song is the intro and one of the few ok tracks, but the beat is crazzzy. Normal Lil Wyte cut.

    2. I Sho Will - This is Lil Wytes noted single, and I think is one of the less good songs on the cd, but its bangin in the clubs. The beat is tight and Lil Wyte again be flowin but theres much better on the album

    3.Static Addict - This song has a crazzzy beat(note from the Supa Producers Juicy J and Paul) and Lil Wyte fits the mood of soundin real crazzzy, but again the normal 3-6 talkin bout guns and shit song....This cut is alright

    4.Smoke My Dro - This song has a more laid back beat, and you know is talkin bout bud smokin. One of my favorite songs on the cd. Something all you blazers will kick yo feet up to and blaze one to.

    5.Icey White - This song has another crazy beat, and lil wyte is talkin bout his reeboks, and since I wear the same kicks, this song appealed to me. Lil Wyte flowin again. Another B+ Song....ICEY WHITES

    6.Hood Run Down - This song is a banger, anyone with a system will be feelin this even after you leave the car. Lil Wyte rips this song apart. The beat is crazy again! I give Dj Paul and Juicy a hand with the albums beats

    7.By 2 da Bad guy - This beat is crazzzy I love it! This song is a must hear on the album. Another normal 3-6 chorus.

    8. I did Em Wrong - This cut has another crazy ass beat, sounds from the mario game or something in it. Its nuts!A real bass hitter! A banger for anyone reprentsentin anything! Lil Wyte still flowin he rips this song apart!!!! Like this cut one of my favs
    " its easy when you rappin over the hardest beats" Wyte says....No shit!

    9.My Cutlass - This is definatly one of my favs. Hard beat nothing short of sensational, and Lil Wyte rips it again to shread!

    10.Big Ass Guns - This song is ft Frayser Boy another BAR (Bay Area Represenative) This song has another hard ass beat, a normal 3-6 chorus, and I personally like Frayser Boys style and he brings that heat!Another song that I'd say is a must hear

    11.Look Like You - This is a gettin fucked up song, where wyte talks about his favorite pill them xanax bars.....This song has one of the weirder eerier beats of the album, but its worth time if you into eatin them xanie bars..

    12. US Soldier Boy - This song is dedicated to those over in the war. The beat is crazy and it features a few 3-6 members. Its a hott track a must here! Something that makes you wanna wile out and go to war! haha

    13.Drinkin Song - This is much like smokin song except in a different aspect, where part of the beat is a drunk hiccup. If you drinkin this is definatly the song to be bumpin! Beat is one of the fewer beats that I feel slipped.

    14. Bay Area - This song is another step up in production. Juicy and Paul are seriously 2 of the best out, or in that catagory! Lil Wytes flow is alright in this cut but the beat is hott, his second verse he rips it tho....

    15. Acid 2004/5 - This a beat remixed for his last albums hit Acid. The beat is real eerie, and if you liked the last acid song you'll be alright with this one. Specially if you eatin that blotter, microdot, or them gellys

    16.Bald Head Hoes - This song is terrible. The only song on the cd I skip right past.

    17. Everybody gettin Crunk - Another eerie beat by 3-6. Lil Wyte flows aight in this cut, but he talks about some crazzzy shit.....the chorus is another normal 3-6 chorus

    18. Possie Song - Another one of those laid back beats. Its tight tho, and Lil Wyte spits some real shit in it.....One of those tracks you gonna like reguardless of the mood. This cut has a lot of 3-6 members in it. Frayser boy ripps it again, so does Dj Pizzy(Paul)

    19. Crazy - This song is crazy it fts. Josey Scott and is something for those hard-rock heads, but Lil Wyte flows like crazy, and the chorus is great! I like this song, probaly my fav on the cd

    20. Outro - Just the super producers talkin some shit.........

    This albums production is simply nothing less of perfect......I have no doubt in my mind with saying Dj Paul and Juicy are Super Producers. If you liked lil wytes last cd this should please you. Its not as good as his last album I think, but lil wyte does his job of rippen it most of the time. The BEATS ARE CRAZZZZZZZZY!!!!
    Peep this album yall.
    Last edited by Harmon; 10-29-2004, 2:54 AM.

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    The whole cd is good in my opinion.


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