(Video) Fox News Falls For Satire Of Obama Banning Doughnut Sprinkles


Clayton Morris needs better producers.

Despite what Morris claims, the FDA and Barack Obama are not banning sprinkles. But the geniuses at Fox & Friends read this satire piece from the The Arizona Conservative and bought it. Idiots.

“FDA to Announce Ban on Sprinkles”

“Though the amount of trans fats in the sprinkles that are used to adorn donuts and ice cream cones is extremely low, the Food and Drug Administration is determined to eliminate these items from the food chain.

There is no good reason why anyone should consume these non-nutritional pollutants in our food supply,” said FDA nutrition expert Harley Sain. “The donuts and ice cream cones where sprinkles are usually found are bad enough on their own without this worthless addition.”

Sain admitted that “if it were totally up to me, we’d be banning the donuts and ice cream, too. No one needs to eat these to survive. The world would be healthier without them. Removing them from the diet is more of a long-term goal. We need to move in increments that won’t stir up too much opposition. As people gradually become more accustomed to greater government control over what they are allowed eat we can take larger strides toward a perfectly calibrated diet for all.”

In the meantime, “if the lack of sprinkles deters only one person from consuming a donut or ice cream cone, well, that’s a fringe benefit that no one could reasonably oppose,” Sain added.

Most people with a working brain could figure out this was satire. I guess the FDA nutrition expert’s name (Harley Sain) wasn’t a dead giveaway. I bet Fox News was salivating at the chance to bash this Administration. Maybe they should do a little research beforehand. Not even The Onion could make this up. Fair and balanced indeed.

Thank you Fox & Friends for making me laugh…at you.


Posted: December 31, 2014 at 10:55 am | by Ryan
Filed under: Humor?, News


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