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    They wanna know why my poetic thoughts are only dark
    The negative causes sparks that start the translation from my impaired heart
    Looking at the bottle of tequila, to me it's half empty
    Can't write like this unless it affects me
    Seems like even my reflection is out to get thee
    My cynical though clinical, is the pinnacle of how I channel my spiritual
    Might be too used to the darkness from within
    But it keeps me sharp and ready for the genesis of the end
    Had so many thoughts of evil deeds and giving in
    You'd think I was either Mephistopheles son, or the create of sin
    No where near the word regal
    I was born single so I might as well die single
    Soul hits do more than tingle
    On those dark days my pad, pen, and liquor always mingle
    People think it's a gift known as my written
    If they only knew my vision they'd call it forbidden wisdom
    The dealer dealt the losing hand caused by divine intervention
    It took my innocence, put it in submission then locked it in a prism
    So I stare at it with the devil's poison from which I'm always sippin
    The past is done, so the future is mine to make, take, or break
    My twisted mind state is mine, no need to follow
    Besides, I'm in a pool of despair that's no longer shallow
    Should feel empty but something makes sure I'm never hollow
    There's a shot of destiny on the table that I'm afraid to swallow
    My mind's eyes is dark, but it ain't too dark to see tomorrow...

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    Your writting is very very deep, I like it a lot. Should post more for me to read


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      Originally posted by P8ANUTS
      Your writting is very very deep, I like it a lot. Should post more for me to read
      Thanks. I have more at http://www.ryanmcbain.com/poems.html


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        nice words my friend.

        dismal, dark, and brooding

        mcbain style.


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          Hey there! Thats nice and deep i can also only remain maintained as long as i am influenced so that, i can truly feel. Oh yeah and thanks for your site, and the ability to get some of my work posted up. I appreciate it more than these words could eloquate.

          thanks much N very sincerly,



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