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  • Visions...

    I wrote this back in 2001...

    Visions of painful past flash through his mind.
    His spirit is fading just like his will to shine.
    Wondering why he let his guard down to let her in.
    She is heartless and selfish, but he didn't see that till the end.
    Never broke a bone but soul feels shattered and defeated.
    She never gave a fuck about him even though he treated her good when needed.

    Rather do drugs and listen to racistís views then be beside him.
    Could of made a difference in his life but chose to dwell in sin.
    He never lied to her but all she did was lie at the genesis.
    Another lesson learned by seeing that she was never innocent.
    Behind her pretty green eyes is a soul that is evil to the core.
    Thought he fell for a queen but all he did was fall for a drug whore.
    She knew that what she was putting in her system hurt him.
    But all she cares about is herself so she doesn't give a shit about him.
    Feelings of betrayal and the drugs she cares about more surrounds him.
    He wants to move on but is afraid of how and when to begin.

    Time to put the wall back up after it has been down for some time.
    If being a stupid bitch were illegal, she would be in jail for the crime.
    Keeps telling himself that everything happens for a reason.
    As he looks in the mirror he can see his soul screaming.
    Nothing but hatred he as for her and the ones that think she is right.
    Might be sent to hell but knows when it comes to this he sees the light.
    Doesn't want her friendship. He doesn't trust her anymore.
    Keeping his distance and cursing her life ever more.
    He realizes that she was evil from the start. Why couldn't he see it?
    This hasn't killed him so he has grown in strength.

    He will never go back to her, or at least he thinks.
    Wasn't meant to be cause he's too good for that back stabber.
    Finally sees that it wasn't wise to give trust to her.
    Tomorrow the sun will rise, and one day so will his soul.
    His life is a painful story, but it must be told.
    Visions are his muse, even though they are cold.
    He wants to stop writing this but something is making him go on.
    Doesn't know why he hasn't ended his life. Maybe its good he held on.
    His poetry is the only way people take him seriously in this racist country.

    Glad he is Black but wishes the world was colorblind.
    Maybe then things would be different. That is what flashes in his mind.
    Misery doesn't love company. It only loves this lost soul.
    He can't take much more. But he knows more pain will unfold.
    He's wondering if it is better to have his wall up forever.
    His life is all fucked up, so the wall makes good shelter.
    Martin sees what is going on and realizes not much has changed since his death.

    He hears Martin pushing him to fight on but there isn't much hope left.
    Matter a fact there isn't any hope left at all.
    Knock at door. Depression is making a house call.
    Looking in the mirror he realizes his skin tone is his downfall.
    That's not fair but that's how the story is told.
    Has nobody to turn to. Therefore he will always be cold.
    He wants to do something but what can one man do in this period.
    When he speaks from his heart nobody listens cause nobody is interested.

    The curse is growing like a cancer. No cure for him.
    Too many pits so he can't win. Or can he? Only God knows for sure.
    He's begging God to bless him with the cure.
    But what comes every time is the painful visions.
    Would kill himself but doesn't have God's permission.
    Only friend by his side is agony so he struggles to win.
    Walks with hatred in his heart knowing that itís changing him.
    Can't stop constant visions of being stabbed in the back by the girl he helped a great deal.
    Wonders why people are shallow when he is always real.
    Wonders if the visions will go away if and when he is healed.

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    dude this very good. welcome back


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