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  • Broke

    I sit alone late at night cryin' tattoo tears
    Thinkin' about my life, and all its wasted years
    Wonderin' what the hell has become of me
    Every day is the same, am I a slave to society
    A slave to the plan that this country has made
    Be born, pay taxes, and then make one's way to the grave
    Go to work everyday to make a measly livin'
    Can barely make ends meet so I'm constantly stressin'
    "If only the six numbers that I picked last night would hit?"
    Like Em said, "I would have million muthafuckers suck my dick!"
    Just kiddin'..... but on the fo'real though I would invest that shit
    And live a good life off the interest ''til the day my heart quits
    I really see no point in livin' a lavish life
    All I need is enough money to be able to take care of me and my wife
    I have no qualms with shoppin' at Wal-Mart

    (Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart, it's our store, it's our store 'cause we our poor)

    Eatin' at Taco Bell then goin' to Speed Zone to race go-carts
    If only I could afford such things as this
    Then I honestly think that I would be in a state of bliss
    I ain't with being broke!

    ~Bad Habit, "..... you know that I'm hard to break..... "

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