Gameplay will be very similar to that of the action RPGs Diablo and Diablo II. Marvel Heroes will be free-to-play. While micro-transactions will be used to fund and support the game, players will not need to spend money to access the full game. Another aspect of the game is side missions in single player mode. For example while playing as the newly revealed character, Rogue, you will go back in time and relive/replay some moments of her past, such as fighting Ms. Marvel on the San Francisco bridge.


Players will be able to choose from a large and diverse cast of Marvel superheroes. These characters range from well-known and iconic such as Iron Man and Spider-Man to lesser-known and obscure such as Squirrel Girl and Rocket Raccoon. Only a portion of the playable characters have been announced. Players will be able to choose what superheroes to play as by earning in-game currency and buying new heroes and costumes and more. But, every player will start off with one of the following characters right away: Daredevil, Storm, Thing, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye. Non-playable villain characters shown in gameplay trailers and promotional artwork include Doctor Doom, Magneto, Rhino, Taskmaster, Bullseye, Mister Sinister, Electro, Shocker, Kingpin and Venom. In addition to major villains, various groups, species, and minions have also appeared as enemies in trailers and artwork, including Hydra, AIM, the Brood, and Sentinels.