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Portions Of J Dilla's Record Collection To Be Sold On eBay

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  • Portions Of J Dilla's Record Collection To Be Sold On eBay

    Fans can get their hands on real pieces of J Dilla crate-digging history.

    Last April, a vinyl collection belonging to the late producer/emcee J Dilla was uncovered, containing approximately 8,000 records.

    Now, it appears that portions of the collection are ready to be sold.

    The news was announced on, where the story behind the collection was revealed:

    Years ago J Dilla moved a large collection of records, personal test presses and audio master tapes into a storage until after his Detroit basement studio flooded. Shortly thereafter he moved to Los Angeles.
    The storage unit was left by Dilla and taken care of by his mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, but attention and priorities soon shifted: Dilla became seriously ill and hospitalized, and with his mother at his side in Los Angeles during a planned two-week visited that turned into years, the unit was lost.
    In Spring of 2012, the entire collection was finally recovered. The back payments and fees were paid – Ma Dukes was reunited with the contents she last saw just before leaving to L.A. to take care of Dilla.
    The statement delved into the details of the sale, which will take place on eBay:

    Maureen Yancey is now selling a portion of the record collection in the first of a series of weekly sales taking place on eBay.
    Buyers receive an LP from the collection of J Dilla, with a signed, numbered certificate from Maureen Yancey stating that the record is from this personal collection.
    The certificates are numbered with the plan of an online registry for Dilla fans to list their Dilla Collection LP. Buyers are welcomes to include the artist, title, and whether any tracks on the LP are known to have been sampled by Dilla. This registry is dependent on the sales of the limited amount of the collection and response from the fans.


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