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Eminem's new CD Encore is off the chain

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  • Eminem's new CD Encore is off the chain

    I just got the new Eminem CD the other day from a friend who burned it for me and I have to tell you I was not dissapointed, as expected. I have been a huge fan of his even when he came out with his first CD titled "Infinite".

    This CD is still the same good raps you always come to expect from Slim. You have your serious songs and your funny songs and then just the down right sickest muhfuckin flow songs (you know like "The way I am" and "Soldier").

    He starts you off by taking you through a little bit of his childhood and then goes into such topics as being a wigger getting picked on for wearing African symbols back when they were popular, oh yeah and the old Flavor Flav clocks.

    Then of course he has the anti-Bush song called "Mosh", which I am sure everyone has heard that one by now. He also goes into a little detail about the whole Benzino and Ja Rule beef.

    Some of the funnier songs are "I ain't got no legs", in which he pokes a few jabs at Christopher Reeves and then asks Dr. Dre about things that make someone gay (Who's to say, what's fair to say, and what not to say, let's ask Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre, I got a question if I may, is it gay, to play, putt putt golf with a friend, and watch his butt butt while he tee's off, but but I ain't done yet...)<funny ass shit i'm tellin you!

    Another one of the funnier songs is "Ass Like That" where he sings the whole song in an arabian voice pretending to be a puppet. He goes into such detail as going to the movie theatre to pull a "Pee Wee Herman" while watching the Olson twins movie and asking Gwen Steffani to pee on him. When you listen to this song keep your ears open for what he says about Brittney Spears because I think it may be the funniest line in the whole CD.

    And of course there is a song dedicated to his baby daughter Hailey and her step sister where he tries explaining to them why there daddy is not around and why there mom is so fucking crazy.

    The Michael Jackson song is whatever, we all know he has to put those stupid songs on his CD to sell to the MTV lovers who only like commercial rap only. That's why he only spends about 5 minutes on those.

    Those are just a few of my favorites but the whole fucking thing is good. Trust me it is a good buy, as if I need to even explain why. I will still buy the CD when it comes out and I recommend everyone else do the same. I know mp3's are free and a lot easier but fuck it, buy the CD. A lot of people on here have dreams of rapping on the big stage just like myself, this is how they know how many people like their shit and how they make their money. Anyway it comes with a bonus CD too I hear, so go cop it, don't cop-y it.

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    The album is alright, I only really like a few songs. "Like Toy Soldiers" is a very good song, and I was surprised that eminem actually did the beat. Usually his beats all sound the same, this was different.

    "Never Enough" is pretty tight too, 50 cent came real proper, but the song was just too short IMO.

    The Bonus CD only has three songs, but those three songs are real good, the track "love you more" is funny and twisted.

    I dunno it just seems that Eminem didn't really have a lot to talk about in this album, when he has a topic he is tight (Check the song "Like Toy Soldiers") But when he doesn't it just feels like filler songs. The album is ok, but I'm sure hardcore eminem fans will love it.


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