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new bun b cd/new canibus album

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  • new bun b cd/new canibus album

    okay what do yall think of the new bun b shit....i thought it was good but a lil one dimensional on the beats and his style of flow and lyrics over the whole album...overall decent

    and what do yall think about the new canibus cd comin out november 22?

    we all know canibus is a genious but he has put out a couple weak ass albums (mind control, c! true hollywood stories) but every other cd were genious

    canibus is straight out of the army? or marines? i forget....but either way hes puttin out his first cd since he registered...and im askin think itll be tight or weak?

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    well to answer the bun b i thought his album was straight other than he fell off towards the end of the album...i like his raw delivery, and lack of punches(if u ask me punches take away from lyricism)

    as for canibus i havent like him since his album before rip the jacker<--- album was weak as hell


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      rip the jacker was his best album are you serious that shit was genious

      i can tell your just more into commercial music

      have u ever even listened to poet laureate II on rip the jacker?? its a 7 minute spit with no hooks runnin over 4 different beats...thats what true lyricism is all about

      just listen to his lyrics and shit yourself at how hes the best rapper ever....yes ever


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        dude dont talk to me about rap....i love this shit and probaly know more about it than you just not a canibus fan and his rap of the sun rain moon and stars

        my playlist inclues everything from illmatic, to method mans tical to young jeezys album....i am the most diverse cracker on the map!


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          every rapper you just named was commercial as fuck


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            moon stars rain??/
            hes got alotta gangsta shit too man

            check out his song with common (making a name for ourselves)

            some of the best commercial type lyics ive ever heard

            "my style gets in em...way up in em
            my face dont belong in the source
            it belongs on the shroud of turin"


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              hahah nas and tical commerical gimme a break

              you want non commericial

              try atmosphere, or eyedea, or here DZK, or wait I got another Toka.

              im just stating as personal reference that you've not shown stated or even proclaimed anything that was not commercial and Canibus can souly thank his commericialism to eminem

              underground just wishes they could be commercial...half the reasons artist there arent is cause they dont yet know how to make good shit to play on the radio


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                the reason underground dont go commercial is b cuz they arent pussy enough to start rappin bout the regular stupid ass shit puttin black people back in the media (money, cars, hos....nothing else) and start rappin with the pussy mugs like 50, eminem, nelly (come on that motherfucker put out a song with tim mcgraw)

                and dont even know...canibus was tearin battles apart 5 years before eminem hit the scene

                you want a real mc???? check out his hot 97 freestyle where he freestyles for damn over 5 minutes on a beat hed never heard before....thats true rap...none of this eminem/50/any other pussys that sold out and need to die

                i will say tho...the only commercial rap besides canibus who i admit, is a lil commercial, is paul wall and the rest of the swisha house fam

                theyre beats are just the shit i cant get past em


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                  and yes nas is commercial....any rapper you can find with a cd on best buys front line little display thing right next to avril lanigne....definitly commercial


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                    I'm mainly into mainstream/commercial hip-hop/rap/r&b, and nas is mainstream. I'm big on South Park Mexican, Johnny Prez, Big Moe, the screwed up click, and swisherhouse too.

                    Bun B's CD was good, but there's alot where the lyrics got annoying and the music got hard to stand. But only in a few songs. Songs like "Git it girl" and "Draped up and Dripped out (remix)" was a couple of the best along with the story. I'm big more on the words put out by the artist. not necessarily the way they put it to music. Kameleon's good, Methon Man/Redman are good,


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                      Originally posted by poetic mind View Post
                      nelly (come on that motherfucker put out a song with tim mcgraw)


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                        Damn, I need a list of underground lyricists. Do ras kass, common, gangstarr and rakim count? I bought their cds (soul on ice, like water like chocolate, daily operation and dont sweat the technique, respectively) do they count as mainstream? oh yea i also got Rip the jacker and its tight as hell! love poete laureate II! straight fire not that eminem and nelly shit!


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