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John Cena, Mickie James Love Triangle Possibly Being Used as Evidence by Estranged Wife

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  • John Cena, Mickie James Love Triangle Possibly Being Used as Evidence by Estranged Wife

    John Cena may have bigger problems than the Big Show to worry about right now.

    According to TMZ, Cena's estranged wife, Liz, feels that her pro wrestler husband was grappling more than his opponents while on the road.

    John is reportedly seeking a divorce from his wife and former high school sweetheart. However, if Liz is able to prove that the former WWE Champion was unfaithful during their marriage, she may be able to collect from the couple's prenuptial agreement.

    Cena is currently the face of the WWE and has been a part of the main event for each of the last five of the company's PPV events. Cena is likely to find himself involved in the WWE or World Title Picture soon as he is being advertised for the upcoming Night Of Champions PPV.

    While Liz's lawyer did not reveal her sources, it is likely that one of them is Kenneth Doane. Doane, who formerly performed under the ring name "Kenny Dykstra" during his time in WWE has a personal bone to pick with Cena.

    Doane has been claiming via his Twitter account (Kenndoane) that during his real life relationship with female professional wrestler Mickie James, Cena and James had been having an affair. Doane also claims that when Cena ended things with James in order to propose to his future wife, James had a nervous breakdown.

    Doane has been threatening to release more information regarding Cena's infidelities during his marriage. He has also been claiming that currently suspended wrestler, Randy Orton, is in danger of losing his job because of Cena's lobbying.

    It is worth noting that Orton is scheduled to return to WWE events and is being advertised to appear in August.

    Source: sportsworldreport.com

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